Northshore Scholarship Foundation

Entering our 32nd Year

supporting educational opportunity for
students of Northshore communities  since 1984



Scholarships for those planning to follow a specific career path, including
Steven Haynes Fine Arts

Betty Stoutenburg

Nick Jewett Baseball/Softball
Pop Keeney Football

Auto Technology
Jerry Wilmot at UW-Bothell
Marv Workman


Peg Phillips Theater Arts

Karen Forys Memorial

Pat Matthews Continuing Education
Health Services

Lillian Ramsey Pharmacy

Dr. John Stoutenburg


J.P. Hennessey

Bobby Nachtsheim
Paul Michael Roberts

Steven Haynes

Scholarship opportunities for those interested in more general fields of academic study and vocational preparation are provided through these memorial accounts:



BJ Brown


Foundation Memorial




Jaimeson Jones









T-Mac Award
Wall of Honor

R.C. Worthington, Jr. 

Additional scholarships are offered by the following organizations:

BHS Alumni
BHS Faculty
Kiwanis Club
Northshore Rotary
Woodinville Chamber of Commerce
Woodinville Rotary

Distribution of funds  from the following memorial accounts are applied to provide the annual

Northshore Foundation
Memorial Scholarship

Walter E. Sundstrom

Anna Cowles
Chris Lin
Darren Lindal
Kathleen Sanford

For a video review
of the 2013 Scholarship Recognition Breakfast

Welcome to the Scholarship Foundation of Northshore

 The Foundation and the Rotary Clubs of Northshore
and of Woodinville and the Kiwanis Club
of Northshore will provide 64 scholarships
valued at $167,570 for 2016-17.

2016-2017 Scholarships Offered

Review the list of available scholarships you may qualify for.

Bothell High School

Secondary Academy for Success

Additional Scholarships
Inglemoor High School

Woodinville High School


Read the application instructions and complete your application.

Application for 2016-2017 scholarships
Deadline February 5, 2016

Renewal application for 2016-2017 scholarships
Deadline March 31, 2016


February 5 is the application deadline for Northshore’s 2016 graduating seniors interested in one of the 64 scholarship offerings from the Scholarship Foundation of Northshore.

The forms are to be either mailed to the Foundation or turned in to the counseling center at each high schools for Bothell, Inglemoor, Secondary Academy for Success or Woodinville seniors.

The mailing address is P O Box 1773, Woodinville, WA 98072.

Most of the 64 scholarships are targeted for the high school graduates. The balance are placed at Cascadia College, University of Washington Bothell or by organizations with special-purpose grants.

The total offering is valued at $167,570. Since established in 1984 the Foundation has awarded 1,700 scholarships with the grants this year ranging from $1,500 to $7,500. Typically, the finalists are interviewed in April. More than 35 committees participate in the selection process with recipients informed by May 1.

Interested parties may contact B Z Davis, the Foundation’s scholarship program coordinator at

Stay tuned for exciting changes forthcoming from the foundation.


Eligibility for applicants:
Unless noted otherwise, scholarships offered through the Foundation are available primarily to graduating seniors of the four Northshore School District high schools;to those individuals graduating from other public or private accredited secondary schools but who reside within the boundaries of the Northshore School District. Residency requirements may not apply for scholarships placed at Cascadia Community College (Anderson, Woodinville Rotary and Northshore Rotary) and the University of Washington Bothell (Matthews, Workman and Wilmot).



Where scholarships can be used:
Scholarships offered through the Foundation may be used only at institutions which meet the following qualification -- The school must be accredited by an accrediting agency, recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education, which has established the school as eligible to participate in Federal Student Aid programs.

Use of scholarship funds:
Money distributed through the Foundation is restricted to the purpose of covering a recipient's tuition or fees directly related to courses in which the recipient is enrolled. Scholarship checks are paid to the order of the institution at which the recipient has been accepted and/or has enrolled. It is the responsibility of the recipient to submit the Foundation's payment to his or her school complete with student identification information for the financial aid office of the school.

Foundation Updates:

Five new $5,000 scholarships will make it possible for Scholarship Foundation of Northshore to increase its 2016 offerings by more than $30,000 to a total of $171,570.

The five new grants increase to 65 the number of scholarships to be offered next year by the community-based organization for academic year 2016-2017.

Our goal is to increase the value of scholarships for Northshore graduates and to provide more of them,dz said President Eric Greenwood, noting that the average scholarship in 2016 will be $2,600 compared with $2,300 for 2015. The Foundation issued $140,970 in scholarships in 2015.

A primary goal of our Foundation," Greenwood added, "is to broaden the awareness and support throughout the Northshore community for the importance of scholarships for today’s graduates."

The five new scholarships, all valued at $5,000, are:

Northshore Community Scholarship – This scholarship will be funded by investment proceeds from nine scholarship sponsors for whom lasting memorials were established in past years. All Northshore graduates are eligible to apply for this renewable scholarship.

Egon Molbak Service Above Self Scholarship – Northshore graduates planning to attend the University of Washington Bothell are eligible. The scholarship is provided by the family of Egon Molbak, founder with his wife Laina of Molbak’s Home and Garden store in Woodinville.

UW Bothell Rotaract Rotarian of the Year Scholarship – The Foundation and Woodinville Rotary Club will award this scholarship to a member of the UW Bothell Rotaract Club who exemplifies leadership and community service values.

Rosemary and Jim McAuliffe Family Scholarship – The scholarship is offered by State Sen. McAuliffe and her husband to a Northshore graduate.

Town of Grace Entrepreneur Spirit Scholarship – A bequest from an Dzentrepreneurdzwhose business life was in the town of Grace will provide a scholarship for a Northshore graduate ora student at UW Bothell, Lake Washington Institute of Technology or Cascadia College.

The Foundation from 1984 to 2014


July 1, 2014

Total Assets - -



Number Scholarship Accounts 



Total Scholarships 



Total Value of Grants



** Represents grants made by the Foundation, families, supporting organizations and the three sponsoring service clubs
since first year of operation in spring of 1984.

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Young adults honored over these 
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are treasures of hope, compassion and opportunity!

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   The Northshore Scholarship Foundation was established in 1984 with the purpose of preserving the assets of several small memorials  and to build a program of community support for assistance to graduating seniors living in and/or attending Northshore School District high schools.

   Today the Foundation has 56 accounts with more on the horizon. Assets total more than $1.3 million dollars. It began with the accumulation of $5,661 held in funds for the four scholarship memorials. There was concern these funds would be exhausted once the money was distributed for scholarships. This very concern led to the formation of the Northshore Scholarship Foundation by leaders of the Northshore Rotary Club.

   With scholarships distributed in the spring of 2014, the Foundation has distributed $2,293,870 to 1,631 scholarship recipients -- all the while maintaining the asset base during periods of most interesting and varying degrees of economic volatility.


   The Foundation is managed by a Board of Trustees consisting of members of the Northshore Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club of Northshore, the Woodinville Rotary Club and members selected from the community at large. The clubs play an active role in interviewing scholarship candidates. Each club provides scholarships funded from club operating budgets.

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Each scholarship granting organization and memorial is represented 
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